About Our CEO and Company

DeliverEnd’s mission is to provide a safer and more convenient process for the delivery of personal marketplace transactions, like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Nick Turner, the Founder & CEO, built this company because he saw firsthand the problems that exist with the exchange of these sales. A close friend of Nick’s was robbed during the exchange of an iPhone. Unfortunately, crime, assaults and fraud are a common occurrence in today’s marketplace environment.

DeliverEnd solves this fundamental “Last Mile” Marketplace user experience problem by delivering a seamless experience designed to keep the buyer and seller safe. First, both the buyer and seller have the peace of mind that all their personal details will be hidden from the other party. Your User Name is all you will need to know to communicate. Next, their Integrated Live-Video Chat allows you to virtually meet to ask questions about the item and decide on a fair price. Additionally, DeliverEnd handles all the payment processes by holding the funds in Temporary Escrow until the transaction is complete, then quickly releasing the funds to the seller’s account of choice. Finally, similar to Uber and Lyft, they have a network of Approved Drivers that have passed a thorough screening and education process.

DeliverEnd has eliminated the customer fear of meeting a stranger in an unknown location with a handful of money for a product they know little about. DeliverEnd is Headquartered in Indianapolis and is currently operating there in a fastramping pilot mode. They have completed over 100,000 deliveries in the Indianapolis market alone. Expansion to ten or more cities is expected in 2021 and multiple key leadership positions are already on-board with former leadership experience at Uber and SiriusXM Connected Vehicle.