Best Delivery App Jobs (and Gigs) to Work for in 2021

In a world filled with delivery app jobs, a few stand out from the rest. From food delivery to passenger transport – these days there are numerous options and numerous opportunities to make some extra cash. Most delivery drivers work multiple delivery app jobs so they have a back up when one is slow.

But how do you know which delivery app jobs to choose from? That’s what we’ll discuss in this blog.

Here are the best delivery app jobs to work for in 2021.


Uber is a great delivery app job for its versatility. It offers both passenger transport and food delivery. This can be helpful for navigating the slow times. While rides may be slow during lunch, food delivery is high. And when people are going out as the restaurants are closing down, you have a delivery app job with one the biggest brand followings in passenger transport.

The downside to Uber is that the pay has continued to decrease as they have expanded all around the world. It’s the most popular delivery app job as far as passenger transport, meaning they have no incentive to increase driver wages since keeping them low (and getting lower) won’t limit their earnings or popularity. Uber Eats is the same way.


Lyft is less vestitle then Uber but they are Uber’s main competitors for passenger transportation. They offer better pricing than Uber in certain markets which means they may own more market share in your city.

While you may earn more driving for Lyft, they too are continuing to change their pricing structure for drivers. This usually means you’ll make less overall, but more during certain times of day and in certain situations.


One of the biggest advantages of choosing DoorDash as a delivery app job is their shift structure. While their competitors like GrubHub, Postmates, and Uber Eats allow an unlimited amount of drivers out at any given time, DoorDash offers their drivers shifts to choose from instead. This limits the number of drivers out delivering food so you don’t have to compete for deliveries.

The downside to DoorDash is the same for Uber and Lyft. Since they are an established delivery app job, they have no incentive to raise prices as they have both a deep customer base and driver pool.

Deliver End

Want a better delivery app job and one that pays better than the other guys? Then you’ve got to get in on the ground floor with a platform like Deliver End. We are growing and we are expanding and we need drivers that want to drive along on the ride.

Like Uber, Deliver End is a versatile delivery app that offers delivery driving opportunities from Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and retailer delivery like flowers, furniture, and clothes from a boutique.

Best of all? We only have incentive to raise wages, not slash them. So what are you waiting for? Download the DeliverEnd app today on the App Store. We’ll see you out there.