Furniture Delivery Services: Pickup and Delivery

You already know how to rent a moving truck and find some strong hands (and backs) to get your belongings into your new home. But furniture pickup and delivery services aren’t just for moving families.

Did you see a sectional you love, a used refrigerator for the garage, or a terrific desk for your office, but passed because you didn’t have any way to transport it? Furniture home delivery can open up a whole new world of shopping possibilities. Learn what furniture delivery options are available and discover how to lighten your load while taking advantage of great bargains.

Why Have Furniture Delivered?

Do you live in a small apartment or three-story walk-up? Perhaps you’re one of the 65 million people suffering from back pain. Maneuvering a sectional sofa upstairs and around narrow bends isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Some additional reasons to choose a home furniture delivery service include:

  • Logistics can take a lot of planning
  • It requires more than one person to move bulky or heavy items
  • Large furniture needs a big vehicle to transport it
  • Picking up items from private individuals can be dangerous
  • Risk of damaging or destroying furniture
  • Lifting heavy objects can cause back injuries

Benefits of Furniture Delivery Services

Hiring a professional furniture pickup and delivery service ensures your furniture arrives quickly and intact, and it can serve a range of needs. Furniture delivery can benefit the following people:

  • Businesses: For new and established businesses alike, companies can use services to pick up and deliver shelving, counters, and furniture for their stores or offices.
  • Individuals: Whether buying new or used items online, individual shoppers and sellers can use services to pick up, deliver, or exchange items.
  • Other organizations: Thrift stores, schools, and nonprofits can use delivery services to pick up furniture items donated from businesses or individuals, such as desks, chairs, and other large and bulky pieces.

What Kinds of Furniture Can Be Picked Up and Delivered?

Furniture pickup and delivery services usually accommodate any size items. Whether you bought a king-size bed or an end table, home delivery services don’t just come in handy for large items. And for bargain shoppers, delivery app services can serve as a go-between, so you can still get that “Christmas Story” leg lamp without meeting up with the stranger who sold it to you.

Furniture Delivery Services

Furniture sales are booming. The Washington Post reports Americans spent an estimated $11.3 billion at home furnishing stores in February 2021. Still, because demand is high, buyers are waiting several months to get their items delivered. Why wait for retailers to get on the ball?

If you see something in stock on a showroom floor or locate some used shelving for your new studio, you can snatch it up. Companies can pick up and deliver furniture to your apartment, house, or business without delay. Here are some options that answer the question, “Who can deliver furniture?”

Furniture Delivery Apps

Download the app, take a picture of the items you need to be delivered, and you’ll instantly get a free quote. The best part of furniture delivery apps is that you don’t have to leave your couch. Buy items online and then use the app to schedule delivery. For social distancing concerns, delivery teams can even leave your purchase on your porch or put it in your backyard. It’s an easy three-step process:

  1. The first step to making your online marketplace experience safer and convenient is downloading the app on your mobile device.
  2. Next, snap a picture of the item with your smartphone or tablet and send it along with a brief description, including the price, size, and the buyer or seller’s name and location.
  3. Lastly, pay for service in the app and track your delivery in real-time. You’ll get a notification upon pickup and delivery.

Local Delivery Company

Hiring a local furniture delivery company is a convenient and reliable way to get the items you purchased. While the service can be more costly than delivery apps, it provides several benefits.

  • Experienced, licensed, and professional movers handle pickup and delivery.
  • Furniture will be picked up, inspected, and transferred to your home or office.
  • The service carefully completes the process to ensure items arrive on time and damage-free.
  • Local companies can pick up furniture directly from the warehouse or showroom.

Get Delivery Upgrades

White-glove service means the company delivers and sets up your furniture and removes packaging materials. Local delivery companies and retailers traditionally offer this service for an extra—often considerable—charge. Delivery app companies usually place the furniture where you want it but leave setup or assembly to you.

Consider the Cost

Furniture delivery fees depend on the size of the item and the distance traveled, but primarily, it depends on what type of furniture delivery service you use. So, how much does furniture delivery cost? Consider these options:

  • Retailer: If you buy new furniture and opt for the retailer to deliver your piece, it’ll charge anywhere from $50 to $300. The pro is that some retailers only charge one fee for multiple items. The con is that factoring in the cost for one piece can be expensive and a long wait.
  • Local delivery company: Local experts charge around $70 to deliver a mattress and $200 for a couch, according to Home Advisor. The pro is that professional furniture delivery companies can usually move items within a week of making a request. The con is that it can be pricey.
  • Pickup and delivery app: Estimates average around $70 for a delivery app service to pick up and deliver a  standard couch. There aren’t many downsides to using this service. Apps like DeliverEnd have driver networks on standby 24 hours a day and can help individuals or local companies replace their expensive delivery fleet.

Don’t Let Logistics Hold You Back From a Bargain

If you need furniture delivered and don’t want to wait for a retailer to fit you in, local delivery services are a good option, but mobile apps are less expensive and a breeze to set up. For all you Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist shoppers, delivery apps provide a safe, risk-free exchange process with just a few clicks and swipes of your phone.

Now, with everyone buying furniture, many fantastic marketplace finds are out there just waiting to be picked up. Download the app, swipe right, and have DeliverEnd pick up that foosball coffee table you never knew you always wanted.