How to Guide Shipping on Facebook Marketplace

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Looking to get started selling on Facebook marketplace? With the addition of shipping throughout the continental United States, Facebook marketplace has become one of the hottest ecommerce platforms. The new shipping feature has a few extra steps than the local pickup and delivery features. This blog will detail how to ship items on Facebook marketplace.

How to Offer Shipping on Facebook Marketplace

The first part of Facebook marketplace experience hasn’t changed. It still starts with the seller listing their items on the marketplace for buyers to see and purchase. The difference is now buyers can purchase items from sellers throughout the continental United States. The cost of shipping Facebook marketplace items can be covered by the buyer, the seller, or Facebook.

Buyer Makes Purchase

The first step in shipping on Facebook marketplace is to list your items for sale. To do this, click on the marketplace icon on your Facebook newsfeed. From there, you will want to select Create New Listing, and then select Item for Sale. Enter all the item details you want to display in your listing including item description, price, and location.
Just what items does Facebook marketplace ship? It can be a simple as a one off sale of that coffee table or TV you’ve been looking to get rid of, or the items you regularly offer from your online store.

Set Up Shipping

Once you have your items detailed in your listing, the next step is to set up shipping for your listing. This is the next step in the listing process, so all you need to do is click Next from the listing information page. On the shipping page you will need to enter your legal name, your date of birth, and your mailing address. You will also need to enter your bank account information as you will not be handling this transaction through a traditional in-person private sale. The money you make from your sales on Facebook marketplace will be automatically deposited into your account.

Ship Your Items

So how does shipping work on Facebook marketplace? Once your item has been sold, you will need to ship the order to the buyer. You will have 3 business days to ship the order and enter tracking information on Facebook marketplace.
You have three options when it comes to who pays for shipping on Facebook marketplace. You can put the shipping cost on your buyer by adding it to the order total. You can also have Facebook pay for shipping through an automatic deduction of your sales payout. Or you can cover the shipping cost yourself.

When Will you be Paid?

Your payout will be initiated within 5 business days of Facebook receiving the delivery confirmation from your buyer or within 15 to 20 business days from the time you enter the tracking info. This last time frame is to ensure that you are still paid if the delivery confirmation takes longer to be received.

How DevlierEnd Can Help

While shipping is now offered through Facebook marketplace, local delivery is still available. Selling your items locally is still the fastest way to get paid as payment is received immediately upon delivery.
We invite you to use Deliverend’s service when shipping through Facebook marketplace. We serve as a third party delivery service, connecting local buyers and sellers, getting your order delivered to your buyer quickly and securely, and getting you paid faster.