How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace: A 2021 Handbook

Ready to sell things on Facebook Marketplace? Here’s your guide to making the most of this awesome platform for e-commerce. Facebook Marketplace allows sellers the option to list items locally or to ship them—your choice. Shoppers can buy directly from individuals or from businesses, finding a wide variety of merchandise. For sellers, Facebook Marketplace offers a lot of flexibility and the chance to sell to buyers looking for specific items using a search tool.

To get you started quickly and successfully, it’s important to know how selling on Facebook Marketplace works and to do some preparation beforehand. After following these steps, it’s easy to learn how to create listings and begin making sales.


Before you start selling, be sure to do your research. This helps you create more effective listings on Facebook Marketplace. Although many different types of items sell well online, you’ll want to know what prices to set and how much competition your listings could face from other sellers.

Knowing how to sell successfully on Facebook Marketplace sets you apart from the legions of sellers who haven’t researched anythingdoing your homework really pays off! 

How to Price Items on Facebook Marketplace

By pricing carefully, you can cover your material or product costs and take home a profit. Competitive pricing isn’t too high or too low. Look at what other sellers are asking for similar items.

If your merchandise is significantly different, you may find that customers don’t mind paying more, but it’s also entirely possible that other sellers haven’t been successful at selling items like yours. No worriesjust read the market to see if there’s demand for what you want to sell and for the prices you plan to include in your listings. Testing out different price points is another way to get more information about what shoppers in your area are willing to pay. 

Facebook Marketplace Examples of What You Can’t Sell

Some items aren’t allowed on Facebook Marketplace. Generally, these are the same rules that also apply to Facebook Groups, such as no selling of animals. Read the rules carefully before you list your items for sale. Here are a few examples of what you shouldn’t list on Facebook Marketplace: 

  • Animals: No sales or adoptions of animals are allowed through Facebook Marketplace.
  • Healthcare or medical products: First aid kits, medical equipment, and other healthcare products are not eligible for listing.
  • Services: You can’t list services for sale, only items.
  • Items that aren’t physical products: All Facebook Marketplace items must be real. For instance, you can’t sell digital products.

In fact, it’s probably not a bad idea to review the full list of rules before you start.  Armed with the right Facebook Marketplace selling tips, it’s time to start creating your listings and building your marketplace empire. 

Spread the Word

By promoting your listings elsewhere, you can drive new buyers to your items and generate buzz around what you’re selling. In fact, some Facebook Groups allow you to share your listings with their membersbe sure to read their rules first or ask a moderator if it’s allowed and if you can cross-post listings from elsewhere or from other social media channels.

Price Item Fairly

When you create your listings, be very clear about the price and whether or not you’re willing to haggle. Facebook Marketplace is a popular place to shop for deals, so many shoppers are ready to ask for a lower price. 

Take Detailed Photos (and Your Own Photos)

Including photos gets attention from shoppers who are scrolling through listings and it also allows your customers to know what your products look like. Add a couple of photos showing different angles that include pieces of your items or features that you can express in images. 

Avoid using someone else’s photos in your listings, since this may violate copyright laws and could result in a fine or penalty if you didn’t ask permission.

Write a Complete, Honest, and Detailed Item Description

In your description, include all the information that shoppers want to know about the product. Describe how the item looks (even if you include photos), what it does, how to use it, and anything else that’s important to know, such as measurements. Keep the description brief and easy to read. Be prepared to answer questions if shoppers want further information.

If there’s anything negative about your item that may turn buyers away, don’t try to hide it from your listing. Be honestthis builds goodwill with your customers and encourages them to keep buying from you in the future. 

Include Delivery With the Sale Price

Remember, many Facebook Marketplace shoppers expect delivery to be included in the sale price, particularly if you’re local to them. Delivery services, such as DeliverEnd, make this an easy and safe process for everyone involved, allowing you to offer convenient delivery to your customers’ doorsteps without having to give out personal information.

Since not everyone selling on the marketplace offers to-your-door delivery, including this option is a great way to set yourself apart from other sellers. And as a bonus, you save time drivingit’s a win-win. 

For buyers outside your area, be sure to mention how you’ll handle shipping and whether it’ll cost extra beyond the sale price.

Respond to Every Inquiry

Once you post your new listing, shoppers can see it and start reaching out to you to buy. Responding to every inquiry is a great way to find a buyer and encourage repeat business. Remember, a shopper who doesn’t hear back quickly might move on to other listings.

For best results, provide strong customer service every time you communicate with shoppers. Give out prompt information about pricing, payment arrangements, and how you’ll meet them or deliver the product. To build a good reputation on Facebook Marketplace, stay professional no matter what. Buyers rate sellers and a good rating is important for future salesthe old cliche, “the customer is always right,” is how this platform works. 

Sell Successfully With Facebook Marketplace

No matter what you’re selling, do your due diligence to create strong listings and build a good seller reputation. Your hard work will pay off, and it’s well worth the effort to get to know the marketplace’s unique features and seller opportunities.

Congratulations! You’re ready to create your first listing. Have fun with it and learn how to leverage the platform for your selling goals.