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We keep you safe

We eliminate the in person meetup when buying and selling from online marketplace platforms like LetGo®, Craigslist®, Facebook Marketplace® and more.

Disclaimer: DeliverEnd is not endorsed by listed companies, and we do not own any trademarks listed.**

Masked Locations

Buyers and sellers will no longer know where each
other lives or give out personal information to
strangers such as their physical address
or contact information.

Trusted Drivers

All of our drivers successfully complete thorough background checks to ensure they are responsible enough to make a transaction.


Either OnDemand or Schedule a time!
Relax we will take it from here.

Live Activity Feed

See where your driver is at and get notified at certain check points throughout the entire delivery.

Video Verification

No more going out of your way for an item you are unsure of the quality or even if it is there!
Inspect items virtually through our in-app live video chat feature anywhere.


Your money is SAFE and SECURE!
We hold all funds until the item is successfully delivered.

How it works

It’s as simple as one, two, three.


Complete Workorder

Give us a description of the item, price, vehicle type required, and the buyer/sellers username.


Pay from your phone

Absolutely zero cash handling. Payment is held in escrow until buyer has received the item.


Track and Receive

Sit back and relax while a qualified driver makes the transaction for you.

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Our Story

DeliverEnd has been creating quite a buzz here in Silicon Valley! Nick Turner is the Founder and CEO of DeliverEnd (formerly ShipperTech), which provides safe and convenient delivery services to consumers who use online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to buy and sell items.

Our founder Nick comes from very humble beginnings that not only keeps him grounded but also motivates him to always persevere. He recalls his family being homeless for a few months living in churches. Throughout this hard part of their lives, his mother continued to be positive and reminded him and the rest of his brothers and sisters daily how great they were doing and to keep believing in themselves. 

Nick’s biggest motivation for starting DeliverEnd came after a close friend was robbed at gunpoint trying to sell an iPhone through an online marketplace. This event motivated Nick to look further into public marketplaces and what challenges individuals where facing.

His company seeks to change the way marketplace transactions are handled. DeliverEnd eliminates the in-person meetups and replace it with an in-app live video chat, so no more going out of your way to search for a public place to meet up with strangers to buy or sell your goods. DeliverEnd also handles the financial payments seamlessly within their app and holds the funds in escrow keeping your money safe and secure. They also have 1099 drivers who go pick up the item and deliver it right to you! They also go the extra mile and mask both the buyer and sellers location so neither will know where each other lives and all of this is simply powered through the username you create.”

Convenient. Safe. Secure.

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