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Our Mission

DeliverEnd’s mission is to provide a safer and more convenient process for the delivery of personal marketplace transactions, like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Nick Turner, the Founder & CEO, built this company because he saw first-hand the problems that exist with the exchange of these sales. A close friend of Nick’s was robbed during the exchange of an iPhone. Unfortunately crime, assaults and fraud are a common occurrence in today’s marketplace environment.
DeliverEnd solves this fundamental “Last Mile” Marketplace user experience problem by delivering a seamless experience designed to keep the buyer and seller safe.

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Great Job

I was very nervous to try this app.
I am not sorry I did. It was all new and the person buying my item was very kind and patient and helped me through the process. It is a great alternative to purchase items safely on the marketplace.


Easy and Convenient!

I was moving an entire storage unit and DeliverEnd made it easy! I didn’t have to rent a U-Haul, had someone to help me load/unload and the driver had everything that was needed. Great experience and made that process much easier!


SO Convenient and EASY

Cheaper than doing UHaul by yourself! Have them do it for you, and for a better deal! Highly, HIGHLY recommended. No doubt this app will take off fast and soon!



Facebook Marketplace is sketchy, and Craigslist has people like the Craigslist killer!!! This app KEEPS YOU SAFE!! I’ll definitely be using their services again!!