Shipping With Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is more than just a social network to connect with your friends and family or to meet others. It also has a growing online marketplace. Originally, Shipping on Facebook marketplace required scheduling a pick up or delivery time between the buyer and seller. Facebook’s new shipping feature has changed that. Now, you can utilize Facebook marketplace shipping to ship goods directly to your buyer if you are selling, or you can have them shipped directly to you if you are buying.
Shipping through Facebook Marketplace is an easy process. Here’s how it works.

Seller Listing

The first part of Facebook marketplace experience hasn’t changed. It still starts with the seller listing their items on the marketplace for buyers to see and purchase. The difference is now buyers can purchase items from sellers throughout the continental United States. The cost of shipping Facebook marketplace items can be covered by the buyer, the seller, or Facebook.

Buyer Makes Purchase

When the buyer finds an item they like, they can purchase it directly on Facebook marketplace. The buyer will select the item quantity they want and can choose their shipping preferences. Once the buyer purchases the item, the seller then has 3 business days to ship the item(s).
It’s important to note that the buyer will have to provide their full shipping address to the seller. Facebook has announced that they have made the marketplace even more secure to protect this private and sensitive information.

Order Tracking

Shipping Facebook marketplace items now requires sellers to provide tracking information for each order. This information is uploaded to Facebook marketplace by the seller and Facebook then provides the tracking information to the buyer as well as status updates about their order.
All Facebook marketplace orders should be received by the buyer within 10 business days. The buyer can message the seller with any questions or concerns either during the shipping process or after they have received their order.

Dispute Resolution

If there is an issue with the order, such as a wrong or damaged item, the buyer can contact the seller directly to address the concern. The seller can choose whether or not to issue a refund to resolve the issue. If the buyer or seller needs help beyond issuing a refund, or if a refund is not deemed to be the solution, the buyer or seller can always contact Facebook marketplace support for assistance. Eligible Facebook marketplace purchases are covered by purchase protection.

Receiving Payment

Sellers on Facebook marketplace will have their payment initiated within 5 business days after delivery confirmation is received. A selling fee of 5% will be deducted from the purchase amount. If delivery confirmation is not received, sellers will receive payment within 15 to 20 business days from entering the order tracking information.

DeliverEnd Can Help

Facebook Marketplace shipping is helpful for those who wish to buy goods that are located outside of their local market, but it adds an extra layer of delivery time for those who want to buy goods within their home city.
We invite you to use Deliverend’s service when shipping through Facebook marketplace. We serve as a third party delivery service, connecting local buyers and sellers, getting your order to you quickly and securely.