Frequently Asked Questions

What is DeliverEnd?

DeliverEnd is a platform that allows you to conveniently and safely buy and sell items on marketplaces. If you are buying or something on Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, OfferUp or Craigslist, DeliverEnd allows you to inspect the item, pay for it and get it delivered all from the comfort of your own home. And the best part is that your location is never known to the other person.

How does it work?

We offer two services – Marketplace deliveries and Errand Deliveries

Use Marketplace Deliveries if you want to take advantage of being able to virtually verify the item and pay the other person securely through DeliverEnd. 

Use Errand Deliveries if you just want DeliverEnd to handle the delivery. This means you will provide us a pickup location and we will simply pick it up and drop it off to you. Best suited for picking up prepaid items, or when you just need help with delivery. 



How does IT work?

Marketplace Deliveries Works as Mentioned Below

When you find something on the marketplace the few things you really have to think about are: How am I going to pay for this? Cash? Venmo? How am I going to go get it? Where do I meet this person? Back of a Walmart? My house? What if I don’t want to give out my private information?

Don’t worry, DeliverEnd is here to help with all of the above.

1. When you find an item on the marketplace, simply sign up with DeliverEnd, and create a delivery for whatever you are buying. 

2. Ensure the other person is on DeliverEnd as well.

3. Find the other person using their username.

4. Call them and verify your item (instead of meeting up with them and realizing otherwise)

5. Create a delivery request, then wait for the other person to confirm.

6. Once confirmed, a driver will pick up the item and deliver it to you, and the other user gets paid as soon as you sign for it.

Easy Peasy.

Errand Deliveries Work as Mentioned Below

Bought something from a store and delivery is not offered? Need help with manpower for the free couch your friend gave you? 

DeliverEnd has you covered.

1. Simply tell us the address you want us to pick up from.

2. Tell us exactly what you need picked up.

3. Pay for the delivery and sit back,relax and wait for us to deliver it!


How much does a delivery cost?

The price depends on the price of the item, the vehicle you choose, the miles between pick-up and drop-off and the time spent loading and unloading. A quick example: You’re scheduling a delivery to pick up a couch you bought of Facebook marketplace 5 miles away from your home. Your price will be as follows:

Item Cost: $100 ( Assuming the sofa was $100 ) +

Delivery Fee: $25 + $1.00 x 5 miles equals $25. +

Delivery Tip: $10 (If you decide to tip that is) +

Convenience Fee: $2 (For us to smoothly operate the platform and facilitate safe and secure transactions. Convenience fee is 3.5% of the delivery fee.)

Item Cost(we charge you this to send to the seller later) + Delivery Fee + Tip + Convenience Fee = Total

Your total including delivery in this example will be $137. Pricing varies per vehicle.

Can I have multiple stops in a delivery?

A delivery is only from A to B. We currently do not have anything in place to accommodate for multiple stops within a single trip. 

What area does deliverend cover?

Currently DeliverEnd covers the Indianapolis area and surrounding suburbs. We are coming to the state of Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky next.

Do i get charged if i cancel a delivery?

Absolutely not! If you cancel before the accepts a delivery, you will be refunded 100% of the amount. If you cancel after the driver accepts it, then you will be charged a cancellation fee of 5 dollars. 

Does the buyer always pay for the delivery?

Currently, yes, the buyer pays for the delivery, but we will have functionality in the future where you can select who pays for the delivery.

Does deliverend Do Large Moves?

No, we specialize in marketplace deliveries at the moment. 

Say Im a seller, and want to sell my item, when do i get paid?

After the driver picks up the item from you, the driver goes straight to the buyer’s location. Once the buyer signs for the item, you will get the cost of the item transferred to your account. You can find your balance in the earnings page in the menu of the app.

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