4 Reasons to Deliver Items Instead of People

Uber and Lyft are the most well-known ways of earning cash with your car by ferrying folks around. With layoffs and business closures, many in the workforce who lost jobs have signed up with these apps to be drivers. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, there are more customers using delivery apps to have items brought to their homes.

Stay-at-home orders have meant travel is down, but online and mobile shopping is up. Drivers aren’t limited to making money driving people through Uber and Lyft, given all the delivery apps to work for.

The Downside of Driving People

While it’s nice making money at your leisure, you’re locked in with people you don’t know every time you pick up a fare. There could be fighting between passengers, one could be intoxicated, and a number of things could go wrong. Plus, letting strangers into your vehicle carries risks. A 2017 study found that only about 27% of Uber drivers are female, and female drivers have reported sexual harassment from customers while working.

Hosting customers in your car and keeping them happy is a lot to take on when you just want to get paid to drive. You have to clean the backseat throughout the day and provide a friendly customer experience.

Why Drive for Delivery Apps Instead?

Driving for delivery apps has several advantages over driving people through Uber or Lyft. Here are four key reasons you should deliver items rather than chauffeur people:

1. No Need to Be a Host

When you drive for a delivery app like DeliverEnd, your ride is private. With no passengers to service, you can play your music or podcast, drive in silence, or have the windows however you like them. You don’t have to think about things like providing water or mints for your fares in order to earn customer service points for 5-star ratings. With app delivery services to work for as an independent contractor, you only have to think about fitting the items you’ll deliver in your vehicle.

Not big on conversation? If you’re more of an introvert who would prefer to work alone instead of service customers, delivery driving may be for you. It gives you the chance to think on the job or zone out and listen to music while you’re getting paid. Also, less time spent with people you’ve never met means less risk of conflict or emotionally draining situations.

2. Reduce Your Exposure to Viral Infections

Doing your job depends on your health, and not being healthy enough to work means you can’t get paid. With the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses, it’s potentially safer for drivers to deliver items instead of people. Sharing space with different strangers on a regular basis could start to take a toll on your immune system, and catching the flu could cause you to miss days or weeks of work.

As a DeliverEnd app delivery driver, you use your own vehicle and complete delivery jobs by yourself. You may come in contact with people briefly during delivery, but you’re required to wear a mask and practice physical distancing. As the only person in your vehicle, not only are you less exposed to germs, but there’s also less frequent disinfecting required in your vehiclesaving you time and money.

3. Save Your Car’s Interiors

Different types of delivery services have varying demands on your vehicle. If you’re using your own ride to shuffle people around as an Uber driver, it’s going to see some wear and tear, especially in your interiors. People spill their food or drinks and can stain your interior seats and floors. They may even leave trash behind, which means you have to clean your seats for new passengers throughout the day.

If you’re currently driving passengers, you can switch to driving for a delivery app like DeliverEnd. We provide a wide range of home delivery jobs to choose from. By delivering like groceries to homes or delivering local Facebook Marketplace purchases from sellers to customers, you don’t have to worry about your car’s interior getting beat up from passengers coming in and out.

4. There’s More Physical Movement on the Job

It takes a lot of sitting to be a full-time driver. It can leave you feeling drained, and the sedentary lifestyle adds up over time. 

One of the benefits of delivery service driving is you stay physically active and better energized during a shift. Compared to working for apps like Uber and Lyft, delivery apps give you more opportunities for movement. Rather than sit long hours through a shift, you get out frequently and spend a few minutes on your feet for each delivery. As an app driver, doing deliveries could make for a healthier lifestyle.

Driving for Delivery Apps

If you’re currently an Uber or Lyft driver, you probably started out for the flexibility it gave you in setting your own schedule. However, there’s a great deal of maintenance and cleaning that goes into keeping up a car when you drive passengers around. There’s pressure to get a 5-star rating from each passenger, and dealing with people as well as the mess they leave behind can be a tiresome aspect of the job.

When you drive for delivery services like DeliverEnd, you get a more private experience on the job. Not only is this more peaceful for you, but also it saves wear and tear on your car’s interiors, as well as keeps you from exposure to germs. If you’d enjoy working at a faster pace and getting more movement by hopping out to make deliveries, apply to be a DeliverEnd driver.