Could DeliverEnd Be The Next Unicorn?

DeliverEnd has been creating quite a buzz here in Silicon Valley! Nick Turner is the Founder and CEO of DeliverEnd (formerly ShipperTech), which provides safe and convenient delivery services to consumers who use online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to buy and sell items.

Nick comes from very humble beginnings that not only keeps him grounded but also motivates him to always persevere. He recalls his family being homeless for a few months living in churches. Throughout this hard part of their lives, his mother continued to be positive and reminded him and the rest of his brothers and sisters daily how great they were doing and to keep believing in themselves.

Nick’s biggest motivation for starting DeliverEnd came after a close friend was robbed at gunpoint trying to sell an iPhone through an online marketplace. This event motivated Nick to look further into public marketplaces and what challenges individuals where facing.

His company seeks to change the way marketplace transactions are handled. DeliverEnd eliminates the in-person meetups and replace it with an in-app live video chat, so no more going out of your way to search for a public place to meet up with strangers to buy or sell your goods. DeliverEnd also handles the financial payments seamlessly within their app and holds the funds in escrow keeping your money safe and secure. They also have 1099 drivers who go pick up the item and deliver it right to you! They also go the extra mile and mask both the buyer and sellers location so neither will know where each other lives and all of this is simply powered through the username you create.

DeliverEnd has made over 2,000 deliveries and is currently raising capital which is why Nick has entered many pitch competitions. DeliverEnd is getting large attention by national and global companies. Nick told us that his ultimate goal is for DeliverEnd to integrate with one of the four marketplace whales: Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Letgo, or NextDoor. DeliverEnd’s pricing model ranges from $13 for a car delivery with a charge of $0.90 per mile, up to $45 and $2.50 per mile for a large full-size box truck. If DeliverEnd were to successfully integrate with one of these companies infrastructure they have the potential to tap into a big $5 billion dollar annual revenue opportunity.

The e-commerce market is not slowing down for anyone! DeliverEnd has limited competition and has a number of patents. We had the pleasure of connecting with Nick and this is what he had to share:


What where the first steps you took to start DeliverEnd?

“From research. I didn’t incorporate the company until May. We did our first delivery in February, so from February to May, I was literally just crafting our process. I went to pick up a couch once and I realized I needed another set of hands to pick this thing up so I started a DeliverEnd helper program. We have those now, which are people that might not have a car but just come out to help move things. I am very hands on so I’d do the deliveries and literally just learn what the drivers are experiencing and how it could be improved.”


What sets DeliverEnd apart from your competitors? 

“Our team, and passion they have about solving this problem. We have built a diverse, strong, and knowledgeable inclusive team to solve this massive challenge that generates crime on a daily basis. Everyone bleeds DeliverEnd, and it’s a great feeling seeing the excitement on their faces and tone of voice when we are in meetings. We can have tough conversations and find solutions to problems quickly and efficiently. I believe in my team and they believe in me. It’s nearly impossible to properly execute when there are people on your team who don’t fully believe in you and your vision.”


How does someone prepare to pitch a company idea? 

“It is really about your passion. Your financial projections are really an educated guess on how you’re going to scale and grow the company, so it’s more about you. If you are not passionate about it the investors will be able to see right through you. Research who you are pitching to and tell your story whenever you are going to pitch your company because you need to remember that these investors get pitched every day through LinkedIn, Facebook, in person etc. Do something that is different and that leaves a lasting impression, so tell a story that hits home for them and draws them in. Make them interested in listening to you from how passionate you are about your business. When I start off I say “ Hi my name is Nick Turner the Founder and CEO of DeliverEnd. Can you raise your hand if you or a friend have experienced a sketchy situation during a marketplace transaction?”, most people remember their experiences or something they have heard on the news and at that point I have their attention. Then I talk about what we are doing to make it safe and make sure that never happens again. I keep my slides with very little words and just tell a story and get people engaged so they can relate and humanize me instead of feeling like they are getting pitched.  After you finish, that is when they will reach out to go over everything else in detail.”

DeliverEnd is currently in Beta, and in the funding stages seeking potential investors. They are almost ready to launch the DeliverEnd app, which will greatly streamline the process and ease of use for their users. This is a company that is solving a big problem in an ever-changing and growing e-commerce industry and is definitely one to keep an eye on. Please follow Nick and DeliverEnd via the links below and next time you are shopping on an online marketplaces make sure to have it delivered by DeliverEnd!


Could DeliverEnd Be The Next Unicorn?