DeliverEnd Highlights 3 Real Crimes Within Online Marketplaces

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As buying and selling on websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace turns out to be more normal so are the crimes. DeliverEnd CEO, Nick Turner experienced this first hand when his friend was robbed during the exchange of an iPhone. In just 15 years, Facebook has reformed how we trade and consume thoughts, data, and products. However, over the most recent few years, the development of Facebook Marketplace has posed some real issues that can lead to serious crime.

Social networking, for instance, puts individuals in danger when managed inappropriately. Local advertising sites like Craigslist in a real sense open the entryway for strangers to come into our lives. Safe practices aside, Craigslist crimes are genuine threats. Today, we discuss a few examples of crimes that were carried out through these platforms i.e. Facebook Marketplace & Craigslist, and how DeliverEnd is the potential solution to put an end to those.

Instances of Crimes Carried Out on Facebook Marketplace & Craigslist

  1. iPhone Robbery 

At the point when a buyer responded to a Craigslist promotion offering a container of iPhones available to be purchased, he got an unexpected result. As per the complaint, the Seattle man was told to meet the dealer at a business area where he said he worked. Once there, the buyer got into a vehicle driven by the seller’s partner to seal the deal. Given a container said to contain the IPhones, he set about getting the 10K in real money out of his trunk. Rather than bringing the deal to a close, the seller threatened to use a weapon and demanded the cash. The box the man was given contained just pieces of metal and trash.

  1. A MacBook Air Literally Made of ‘Air’ 

While browsing for a new PC, a buyer found a decent looking MacBook Air. He agreed with the seller on the cost and requested to meet face to face. The seller at that point made up excuses concerning why they couldn’t meet (recall, Facebook Marketplace is for local dealings so this is a red flag). The seller offered to deliver it with tracking, and the buyer at that point transferred the cash. What happened next? Nothing was sent. The seller disappeared, and the buyer never got a thing.

  1. Dirt Bike Robbery 

A Craigslist sale for a dirt bike turned deadly in Florida when a man lost his life in a robbery that happened in front of his 15-year-old son. A man listed a dirt bike for sale on the craigslist platform when he was then approached by two teenagers for the deal. He proceeded to bring the dirtbike to the designated area only to have a gun pulled on him. One of the teenagers took the bike while the other took the man’s life.

How DeliverEnd Can Minimize These Crimes

DeliverEnd makes marketplace platforms, such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, much more secure and comfortable for both the buyer and seller. DeliverEnd replaces the in-person meeting that typically happens between a buyer and seller, and the exchange happens with the assistance of a live video chat and the utilization of drivers to deliver the item. Similar to Uber, and GrubHub, DeliverEnd employs drivers to pick up the product from the seller and drop off to the purchaser, canceling out any hand-to-hand exchange between the buyer and seller. The money is held in a temporary escrow account until the buyer receives the item, and then the funds are quickly released to the seller so both parties are taken care of.

DeliverEnd has built a comprehensive platform to solve this huge challenge and keep these violations from ever happening again. DeliverEnd will disrupt the public marketplaces as we know them today. DeliverEnd’s ultimate goal is to integrate with Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and other marketplaces while extending the client base on all platforms by building a more secure and more helpful environment.

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DeliverEnd Highlights 3 Real Crimes Within Online Marketplaces