Facebook Marketplace Local Pickup and Delivery Service

On Facebook Marketplace, people can buy almost anything they’re looking for—or sell it for a tidy profit. Lots of people use Facebook every day to connect with friends and family, giving you a ton of potential customers who might see your marketplace listings while browsing the popular social media site.

Buyers love the convenience of Facebook marketplace local pick up when shopping local marketplace listings, which can replace shopping at many traditional places such as flea markets or garage sales. Online shoppers can also quickly sort products and take advantage of the search functionality to find something to buy. Since there are often hundreds or thousands of listings in any particular location, they can always find new and interesting purchases.

Locally listed items don’t take forever to ship, so buyers know they can get their purchases in hand right away and you can get rid of items you don’t want and find buyers for your products quickly. For these reasons, Facebook Marketplace has become a win-win for buyers and sellers.

Because you can also include delivery or shipping choices, your customers can get their products safely and on their own schedule. Local delivery is a popular same-day option that often increases sales.

Is Facebook Marketplace Only Local?

In short, no. You can choose to offer shipping, which allows people in other places to purchase items and get them shipped. However, a lot of the action does happen locally. As a local seller, you have a key advantage over other places online where your buyers can shop by incorporating Facebook marketplace local pick up service into your listings. After all, you are local. Many online customers want to get what they buy as fast as possible and as a local seller, you can help with that.

Does Facebook Marketplace Offer Local Delivery?

Facebook Marketplace has local delivery partnerships—you can use these delivery services for some items, but for others, you’ll have to figure out a different way to deliver to your customers. You can use local delivery if you’re selling items that Facebook Marketplace delivery service ships.

Buyers get to choose from the shipping and delivery options that you offer them. If they want the instant gratification of getting their purchase the same day they buy it, they can use local delivery to schedule a delivery to their address. When you’re setting up your listing, you’ll have a chance to pick the shipping options you want to give your customers.

Why You Should Offer Local Delivery

Facebook Marketplace local delivery saves you time and money driving around delivering the items you sell. It’s also safe and looks really professional—as a seller with delivery, you’re offering your customers a helpful service. Plus, the buyer doesn’t have to know where you live and you don’t have to worry about random people showing up at your doorstep.

Since delivery is also really popular, offering it is a chance to win repeat customers and build interest in your listings. Even if another seller is offering the same item, having delivery can be a chance to set your listing apart and win the purchase.

Does Location Affect Local Delivery Options?

Keep in mind that you and your customer must be in one of the cities offering local delivery. Many major cities, such as Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Francisco are covered. But there are other big cities, such as New York City, that Facebook Marketplace’s local delivery partners don’t cover right now. Before you list your items for sale, take a look at the list of cities that are covered. 

Also, small and mid-sized cities that aren’t near a big city often aren’t covered by these delivery partnerships. Another option, like DeliverEnd, might be a better fit when your city isn’t covered by Facebook Marketplace delivery.

Of course, if your customer isn’t local to you, then instead of local delivery, you’ll want to consider other Facebook Marketplace shipping options. Facebook Marketplace can help you set a shipping price based on how much your item weighs. You can set up your own shipping price or give free shipping and set the price higher—a strategy you can experiment with to see if shipping prices make your customers more willing to buy.

Items Eligible for Facebook Marketplace Local Delivery

Facebook Marketplace local delivery is limited to items that are hard to ship or drop off yourself—think bigger items like TVs and furniture. Since many people can’t easily fit a kitchen island in the back of their cars, this makes sense. The purpose of Facebook Marketplace local delivery is to help people buy and sell really bulky, hard-to-move products. Be sure to look at the full list of things you can deliver locally through Facebook Marketplace.

Does Facebook Marketplace Deliver Small Items?

If you’re selling something small or easy to carry, you can expect it not to be covered as part of the Facebook Marketplace local delivery system. For these things, you may want to check out a service like DeliverEnd.

How Local Delivery Works Through Facebook Marketplace

Local delivery on Facebook Marketplace starts with the Facebook Marketplace listing itself. As a seller, you can add delivery choices to your listings so buyers can decide what they want to do. As long as the item is something the delivery company ships, then it’s possible to add that delivery option to your listing.

The partner companies deliver only if the buyer wants to use that service—so a buyer has to opt-in for local delivery. If your customer wants to do something else, they can communicate that to you through the messaging feature.

How Payment Works With Facebook Marketplace Local Delivery 

Facebook Marketplace shipping and payment is fairly straightforward. The buyer pays for Facebook Marketplace local delivery. The payment for delivery can be separate from the item’s price—and usually is. Your customer may need to pay for the delivery through an app, for instance. It’s generally easy enough, so there’s no need to shy away from offering local delivery as a possibility.

From there, the delivery service brings the purchase to whatever address your buyer uses. Hooray! Delivery is complete and everyone is happy.

Add Local Delivery for Your Customers on Facebook Marketplace

By adding local delivery to your listings, you make your items more attractive to people shopping on Facebook Marketplace. Local delivery can save you time, add convenience for both you and your customers, and safely get your stuff to the buyers who purchase it.