Nick Turner, CEO of DeliverEnd’s Rise from Humble Beginnings to Developing the App Store’s Next Unicorn

NOVEMBER 10, 2020 (via

The next largest disruption to the App Store is here in the form of an extremely innovative delivery app called DeliverEnd. DeliverEnd is on a mission to making transactions through online marketplaces like Craigslist & Facebook Marketplace safe. You see, there are over 800 million users on Facebook that actively utilize the Facebook Marketplace and you may or may not be surprised by the amount of theft, robberies & assaults that have taken place during these exchanges.

Nick Turner, Founder & CEO of DeliverEnd experienced what can happen during these transactions first hand when a close friend of his was robbed during the exchange of an iPhone. This was a pivotal moment for Nick, but through that experience, he was able to develop an ingenious idea to make these online marketplace transactions safer. However, it was through his humble beginnings that he developed a call to be great.

Humble Beginnings

Nick comes from very humble beginnings that not only keeps him grounded but also motivates him to always persevere. Nick and his family spent months homeless finding shelter at a local church. It was through this experience he quickly understood that what he wanted would be created not given. Throughout this hard part of his life, his mother continued to be positive and reminded him and the rest of his brothers and sisters daily how great they were doing and to keep believing in themselves.

It was this level of motivation that pushed him to excel in sports, and ultimately led to him playing division 1 football at Indiana University. The dedication & determination of Big 10 football led to Turner developing a deep ambition for consistently becoming better. A foundation that has transitioned well when developing DeliverEnd.


How Does It Work?

Let’s take a quick inside look at DeliverEnd to understand further exactly how Nick and his team have been able to mitigate any risks involved in online marketplace transactions. To start off, both the buyer and seller have peace of mind understanding that both of their information is hidden from the other party. Their username is all they have in order to communicate. One of the most incredible features of DeliverEnd is its Live-Video Chat feature. This allows both parties to communicate, ask questions about the item, and decide on a fair price, allowing safe effective communication.

Once the transaction is processed, DeliverEnd holds the funds in a temporary escrow account until the exchange is completed. Once completed, the funds are quickly transferred to the seller’s account. Finally, similar to Uber and Lyft an approved DeliverEnd driver will pick up the item from the seller and drop it off at the buyer’s location. This process avoids any hand-to-hand transaction and allows both the buyer and seller to have confidence in the online marketplaces they participate on.


Next Steps for DeliverEnd

It’s incredible how fast Nick & his team have been able to get the app up and running with efficiency. To date, DeliverEnd has made well over 2000 deliveries in its home city of Indianapolis and is actively raising capital to expand markets. With DeliverEnd’s flexible capabilities, they have also seen success in taking care of delivery services for B2B customers to reduce their fleet overhead and management costs. This allows B2B companies to save money on insurance, vehicles, drivers, and maintenance cost. They can even service individuals who need errands completed. DeliverEnd is at your service to deliver any items whether large or small (cleaners, groceries, furniture, etc). 

DeliverEnd is consistently receiving attention from large companies, and most recently started working with Facebook to decide on locations to expand. The ultimate goal for the app is to integrate with the four main online marketplaces; Facebook, Craigslist, LetGo, and NextDoor. If they are able to enter that market, they have the potential to tap into a massive $5 billion annual revenue opportunity.

Nick & his team members are moving fast and certainly have Silicon Valley buzzing with excitement. The service provides value, security, and peace of mind; an incredible combination. For more information, go ahead and check the DeliverEnd website or download the app here.