Nick Turner joins Indy Style to discuss DeliverEnd’s solutions to Marketplace Crime

November 18, 2020

Nick Turner joined the host of Indy Style on WishTV to discuss the growth of DeliverEnd, expansion plans, marketplace delivery solutions, and business delivery offerings.

There’s a safer way to get your Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist items delivered right to your door!

DeliverEnd provides safe delivery services for these marketplace transactions in the Indianapolis area. Nick Turner, the founder and CEO, built this company because he saw firsthand the problems that exist with the exchange of these sales. A close friend of Nick’s was robbed during the exchange of an iPhone. Unfortunately crime, assaults and fraud are a common occurrence in today’s marketplace environment.

DeliverEnd solves the fundamental “Last Mile” Marketplace user experience problem by delivering a seamless experience designed to keep the buyer and seller safe.

The company is partnering with Governor Holcomb on initiatives to help “re-open” the Indiana economy post COVID, as well as shine a light on black-owned businesses in the area.

DeliverEnd is offering new app users $50 in credits to apply to their marketplace purchases. For more information, visit


DeliverEnd offers safer way to get items delivered