What Do You Need to Be a Delivery Driver?

back of moped with Uber Eats carrier box

Ready to join the gig economy and make some extra cash? Then you’ve got to become a delivery driver. Depending on what you deliver and who you deliver for, you will need to meet certain requirements.

But in general, here is what you need to become a delivery driver.

Legal Requirements

To become a delivery driver, you must be at least 18 years old. You also need to be able to pass a background check. If you’ll need to get access to the company’s safe (or other secure areas), they may ask you for your criminal history. Some states and insurance carriers also require delivery drivers to have a clean driving record.

What You Need for Wheels

For delivery driver app jobs outside of major urban areas like New York City, Chicago, LA, and other compact cities like Miami and Indianapolis, you will need to own a car, van, or motorcycle.

Some delivery platforms are trying to do away with personal cars. But for now, you generally need your own wheels to become a food or package delivery driver.

Keep in mind that you can write off both your gas and your mileage while out for delivery on your taxes. That’s an added bonus when you figure that most delivery driver app jobs will also pay you a set fee per mile. Just make sure you keep good track of both these stats as you will have to report them on your taxes and you can’t write off your personal vehicle use. 

If you live in one of the major urban cities listed above or a similar city, you may be able to become a delivery driver with just a bike or even just your feet.

Gear You Need for a Delivery Driver App Job

When you sign up for a delivery driver app job, most companies will provide you with a list of the equipment you will need to run your deliveries. This may include things like a GPS enabled smartphone or a package scanner. 

A GPS Enabled Smartphone

GPS comes in handy as you find your way to your delivery destinations. Even if you have a good grasp on the layout of your city, you will likely find yourself exploring areas that you have either never been in or haven’t been to in a long way. City landscapes are constantly changing, especially in major urban areas so using GPS as a guide is a good idea. Seriously, does anyone get anywhere these days without it?

GPS will also allow your delivery driver app service to track your mileage pay.

A Package Scanner

This a common requirement for delivery driver jobs with companies like Amazon and FedEx. It will allow the customers at your delivery locations to track their packages and receive delivery alerts. Luckily, most smart phones offer this ability via a mobile app and most package delivery companies have their own proprietary app for that very reason.

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