Celebrating Black History: DeliverEnd’s founder Nick Turner honors history while creating bright future (via WISHTV)

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Many successful businesses start with a dream from their founder.

That is how the journey started for tech giant Nick Turner, the CEO and founder of DeliverEnd.

Turner says the importance of minorities leading high-tech ventures is about generational reflection and change.

“We started with no money and no office. I had to borrow laptop and had to figure everything out,” Turner said.

Turner’s business started with his desire to help a friend who was robbed at gunpoint when trying to sell a cellphone on Facebook marketplace.

Turner went from physically protecting people during transactions to creating a platform to make online marketplace deliveries safe, secure and convenient.

“We replaced that in-person meet-up with an app via video chat so you can further investigate the item ask questions and negotiate the price,” Turner said. “Now I’m sitting in our conference room… in the company that we built and having some really big conversations with big people.”

Turner’s excitement comes from a generational place. He is the son of a single mother and has five siblings. He knows what it is like to want more.

“I’m big around like protecting others and making sure that everyone else is good,” Turner said.

He attributes his grandfather for being his original inspiration.

“To see my granddad as an entrepreneur… that really fired me up. He was a pastor and everything,” Turner said.

Now being a dad of two, Turner can’t help but be grateful to his hero and those who came before him.

“I have a son and a daughter, one just turned one and one five,” Turner said. “We can’t give them [ancestors] enough credit, like from everything that they went through… that wasn’t that long ago.”

Turner said making a way for minorities in the tech world is important.

“And when it comes to Black history…t’s very pivotal because everyone before us laid down the path brick by brick,” Turner said.

From helping nourish food deserts to actively working on etching his business name on a building downtown, Turner believes his legacy is just getting started.

“Incredibly grateful,” Turner said. “I want to make sure that as we continue to grow and scale again, and as I continue to grow and develop… I want to still go back inside the inner city in the community. Maybe that will spark someone to start up their own tech company.”

Turner said his company is creating a scholarship program to teach students how to develop their own business plan and help them get in front of the right people.